Our research and development team keep on working on it based on the request from our customer and also from our research. We work hard to keep our sytem up-to-date. We introducing the new stratergies to make more orders and branding their products

Multi-Channel Sales

A multichannel e-commerce management system that will increase your sales in online business across various marketplaces. Using Bigbag.my managing the products and inventory in all marketplace in realtime.

Multiple Accounts

This system allows the seller to have multiple number of account in single marketplace, this increase the possibilites of sales by listing your items multiple times and this trick is highly successful among these days. But managing many marketplaces and multiple accounts is not an easy process without having an automated system.

Reports & Analysis

Reports were really useful thing in any business. You can view sales, orders and inventory summary from all marketplaces from one centralised dashboard. Also analysis like identifying the Highly perfoming product between marketplace.

Inventory Report

Order & Sales Report

Performance monitoring

Listing Management

List and manage your inventory in a centralized workflow. Features such as add single item, bulk upload, copy , edit, delete, export / import listing from one channel to another.import from other dropship suppliers. this really reduces your workload and giving you more time to focus on growing your business.

Bulk upload

Import from marketplaces

Pricing Management

you can set different prices in different marketplace or in different accounts. Automate renewing the special/ discount price time period upon expired

Inventory Management

You never have to worry about overselling and underselling again. Automated inventory sync allows you to manage your inventory from one centralized location and keep accurate track of your inventory level in all marketplaces. You also can easily gain knowledge as to which marketplace you are benefiting more from.

Automated Inventory Sync with marketplaces

Order Management

Manage and process orders from all your ecommerce channels in a single view. From accepting order, printing invoice and shipping label to tracking shipping status, all can be done within Bigbag.my. Now you can stay on top of orders from all your ecommerce channels with Bigbag.my.


Bigbag.my is act as an centralized portal between the supplier and the agents. We also keep on finding the best suppliers and top selling products to our system. Read more

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